Minutes December Board Meeting


 The President, Mark Hannah, called the last meeting of the Executive Board to order at 8:08 am at the Village of the Falls with 10 persons in attendance, 2 absent, 2 resigned and 3 excused.

The Minutes of the November meeting were presented, read and approved as read.  Motion made by Grace, seconded by Holly to approve the Minutes. Minutes approved unanimously.

Treasurer Pro tempore Cindy Kelly passed out the Treasurer’s Report which was reviewed by the Board.  Motion made by Pat and seconded by Tony to approve the Report. So done.  The 2017 proposed budget was distributed with one change being made from 2016.  Scholarship amount will be cut by $1500 for a final working budget of $1500.  That money will be moved to promotions for a final working budget of $3500.

MEMBERSHIP:  There were 8 or 9 guests at the Membership Drive. With no standing Vice President who is the Membership Chair, Mark has stepped up and committed to following up with these guests by the end of the day

NOMINATING:  Renewal of the following terms for Trustees were approved:     Tony Budak (Budak Financial), Holly Neumann (Olmsted Falls City Schools), Cindy Kelly (ReMax Realty) and Steve Wild (Cox Communications). New members approved  to the Board of Trustees were: Donna Winter (Olmsted Community Center), Jeremy Dobos (Olmsted Printing), Karen Raisch-Siegel (SW Hospital/LifeWorks) and Carrie Weise * (Shaklee).

EVENTS/FUNDRAISING: In an effort to remain consistent, the monthly events such as luncheons, after-hours and breakfast meetings will be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  The first event for 2017 will be a Breakfast meeting hosted by the Township Trustees at Olmsted’s Town Hall on January 25 at 8 am.

2017 COMMITTEES: Mark asked that everyone start considering what committee they would like to serve on for the coming year. Although it is not in our by-laws, traditionally the Vice President takes over the role of Membership Chairperson.  Mark is happy to assist the incoming VP’s transition to this role.

After much discussion, it was voted on that we will join Downtown Olmsted Falls at a cost of $200 to the Chamber. ($100 application fee and $100 annual fee0. Discussion ensued and not everyone was in favor of our joining.  The majority felt that it would be in the best interest of the Chamber members to work with Downtown OF.  The motion to join this organization with a first year upfront cost of $200 was made by Tony and seconded by Cindy  Majority ruled with 2 against, the rest for the motion.

NEW BUSINESS: The Christmas party was a great time. Thanks go to Grace and Jeanene for all their hard work and to members Tony and Joanne Kleem for hosting the event.  Cash raised and donated as well as checks collected for Christians in Action amounted to $500 with the Chamber–as it has in previous years–matching the donation for a total of $1000.

Cindy has some questions regarding the website and PayPal.  It was decided that Cindy, Grace, and Bruce would try and meet sometime soon to review the fees.

Motion to adjourn at 9:03 am was made by Pat, seconded by Deedee. All approved.

Respectfully Submitted (for the last time) by Deedee Alvelo, Chamber Secretary